t is exactly four years since I wrote my Acknowledgements’ in
Living Supply Chains, which was the earlier edition of this book.
Now, as then, I have a number of people to thank for their unstinting sup-
port as I endeavoured to develop and update the ideas originally
presented in Living Supply Chains.
My colleague Deborah Ellis has been a tower of strength during the
writing of the new book, always ready to discuss the difficult conceptual
issues encountered along the way, and to provide me with possible solu-
tions. She is undertaking doctoral studies at MGSM in how to design
and manage ‘extreme’ supply chains in life-critical situations, such as the
reliable supply of insulin to diabetes sufferers in Third World countries.
Maslada Nobhandhu, a former post-graduate student at MGSM has been
my primary researcher over the last two years, and I am greatly indebted
to her inspired work and dedicated support. I hope both of you get as
much pleasure out of this book as I did writing it.
The other person who has been invaluable to me is Carmel McCauley
at Future Perfect Communications. She has helped take a very complex
subject, remove the jargon, and present a storyline that can be digested
and understood by the C-suite, who after all are the real target of this
book. Many thanks Carmel, and well done once again.
Of course, during the past four years I have found myself in front of
many post-graduate and post-experience student groups at MGSM
(Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong), Cranfield (UK), and Normandy
Business School (France). These sessions have provided me with many
opportunities to field-test some of my ideas, and identify and close any
gaps left in the first edition.
I am also very fortunate to have Pearson Education as my publisher
because they have great people. Liz Gooster provided strong editorial
guidance in the early stages, before she decided to take a sabbatical to
travel around South America. Martina O’Sullivan took over and has been
· x i x ·
Author’s acknowledgements

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