A word about the author
Dr John Gattorna
John Gattorna has spent a lifetime working in and around supply chains,
in many different capacities line executive, researcher, consultant/
adviser and teacher. He is passionate about the subject matter some
might say obsessive.
In the late 1980s, John became disenchanted with the lack of concep-
tual depth in the ‘logistics’ field; and as it turned out this did not improve
much as logistics thinking morphed into ‘supply chains’ in the 1990s. So
he started to search for a new model/framework that would better inform
the design and operation of enterprise supply chains seeking to satisfy cus-
tomers and consumers. And he found it; dynamic alignment.
For the last two decades John has been working with companies
around the world to take his new model from the conceptual stage
to a finer level of granularity. It has been a complex task because it has
involved learning about, and combining, several disciplines consumer/
customer behavior; internal cultural capability of the enterprise; leader-
ship styles; and of course the operational aspects of corporate logistics
networks and supply chains. The unique thing about John’s perspective is
that he presents a multi-disciplinary approach to the design and manage-
ment of supply chains, and this requires an eclectic mindset.
He has written several books along the way as his thinking evolved,
but his two most recent titles have been seminal: Living Supply Chains
(FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2006), and Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment,
Gower Publishing, Farnham, 2009). We hope his work will inspire you
to innovate in your enterprise at this critical time in our history because
that is the path to survival and sustained success in an increasingly volatile
John welcomes your comments, and can be contacted on his personal
email address: john@johngattorna.com.
It is also worthwhile to keep up with his many short arti-
cles published in magazines around the world, and his numerous
speaking engagements. You can do this by visiting his personal website:
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