Chapter 11Knowledge-Based Primary and Optimization-Based Secondary Control of Multi-terminal HVDC Grids

Adedotun J. Agbemuko1, Mario Ndreko2, Marjan Popov3, José Luis Rueda-Torres3 and Mart A.M.M van der Meijden3,4

1Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC), Barcelona, Spain

2TenneT TSO GmbH, Bayreuth, Germany

3Delft University of Technology - Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy, Delft, The Netherlands

4TenneT TSO BV, Arnhem, The Netherlands


c011-math-001 Active power error at node c011-math-002
c011-math-003 DC voltage error at node c011-math-004
c011-math-005 AC grid voltage at node c011-math-006
c011-math-007 Rate of change of active power reference at node c011-math-008
Membership degree of a variable in fuzzy domain
Degree of fulfillment of ...

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