How to do it...

Carry out the following steps in order to complete this recipe:

  1. In the VS project , create a new class called CustBalanceDataContract with the following code snippet:
        SysOperationContractProcessingAttribute        (classStr(CustBalanceUIBuilder)), 
        SysOperationGroupAttribute        ('Date',"@ApplicationPlatform:SingleSpace", '1') 
        ]         class CustBalanceDataContract implementsSysOperationValidatable 
           NoYesId     allowModifyDate; 
           TransDate   transDate; 
           str packedQuery; 
           /// <summary> 
           /// Gets or sets the value of the datacontract parameter                DateTransactionDate.
           /// </summary> 
           /// <param name="_transDate"> 
           /// The new value of the datacontract parameter  DateTransactionDate; /// </param> /// <returns> /// The current value ...

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