120 e-Business Globalization Solution Design Guide
2. Test environment building
When coding is complete, the testing team sets up the test environment with the aid of the
coding team. The test environment should be identical to that of the actual application
runtime environment.
3. Testing focuses
During the testing period, open and instant communications between the coding and
testing teams are absolutely essential. Whenever the testing team finds any problem, it
should inform the coding team immediately so that it can make a fix as soon as possible.
In our working example, testing focused on the following:
Function testing
Translation testing
Globalization feature testing
Linguistic service testing
Browser testing
Usability testing
In the following sections, these six testing focuses are explained in detail.
16.1 Function testing
One advantage of a well-designed and developed globalized application is that function
testing is unnecessary for every localized version. Since all language versions use the same
set of programs (the Single Executable
), we have good reason to assume that a localized
version should work exactly in the same way as the source language product in business
functions. Therefore, only the source language version must undergo all function testing
cases in order to ensure basic functional competence.
The following example from Our Global Travel Shanghai Demo testing checks whether the Air
Ticket Search function works correctly in the source language version:
1. Start your browser and visit Our Global Travel Shanghai Demo home page.
2. Verify that the home page is displayed.
3. From the home page, click the Flights link on the menu bar.
4. Verify that the Flight Search page is displayed as shown in Figure 16-1 on page 121.
See 15.1, “Single Executable” on page 92.
Chapter 16. Testing 121
Figure 16-1 Flight Search page of Our Global Travel Shanghai Demo
Here, all options and input text fields are set with default values.
5. Select the From XXX to Shanghai option (where XXX refers to the destination or
departure city name).
6. In the XXX pull-down list, select the --Please Select-- option.
7. Click the Submit button.
8. Verify that the Please select the departing city error message is displayed on the
same page.
9. Select the From Shanghai to XXX option.
10.Click the Submit button.
11.Verify that the Please select the destination city error message is displayed on the
same page.
12.Select a city from its pull-down list.
122 e-Business Globalization Solution Design Guide
13.Click the calendar icon:
14.Verify that a calendar pops up.
15.Select the departure and return dates from the pop-up calendar, making the return date
earlier than departure.
16.Click the Submit button.
17.Verify that the Sorry, the returning date is earlier than the departure date.
Please try again. error message is displayed on the same page
18.Select one departure date and make it earlier than today.
19.Click the Submit button.
20.Verify that the Sorry, the departure date should be later than the current date.
Please try again. error message is displayed on the same page.
21.Select the correct departure and returning dates.
22.Make all six required seat text fields blank.
23.Click the Submit button.
24.Verify that the Please fill in the number of tickets required for at least one type
of seat. error message is displayed on the same page.
25.Input abnormal numbers into the text fields for required seats (such as -1, 1.1, 0, or very
large numbers such as 999999999).
26.Click the Submit button.
27.Verify that the The amount of First/Business/Economy class for adult/child is
invalid. Please try again. error message is displayed on the same page.
28.Input normal numbers for seats required.
29.Select a number for results displayed per page.
30.Click the Submit button.
31.Verify that the Flight Search Result page appears as in Figure 16-2 on page 123.
Chapter 16. Testing 123
Figure 16-2 A Flight Search Result page of Our Global Travel Shanghai Demo
32.Verify that all displayed information for the following is correct:
a. Trip type (the default value is Round trip)
b. Departure and destination places
c. Departure and returning dates
d. Seat class and number
e. Ticket price
f. Search results per page
g. Result order (the default value is Lowest Price)
33.Move the mouse over the Connecting to or Details link of any flight itinerary.
34.Verify that detailed flight information pops up

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