48Evaluate and Agree on the Problem Solution

Having gathered all the group members’ suggested solutions, cut and paste their ideas into a new e-mail that you send to the problem-solving team. For example:

Subject: Donut Problem SolutionsFrom: Howard UnoDate: Oct 17To: Donut Team

Dear Team:

What great responses you gave as to how we should solve the donut problem! Here is what you said:

1. Buy more donuts.

2. Wean ourselves off of donuts by replacing them with carrot and celery sticks one day a week.

3. Ration donuts based on body weight. Those who weigh more get less, and vice versa.

4. Change donut vendors so that we get fullsize donuts—maybe at a better price.

5. Hold a weekly contest: whoever eats the fewest donuts gets to come in 30 minutes ...

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