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The Patterns for e-business are a group of proven, reusable assets that can
help speed the process of developing applications. The pattern discussed in
this book, Business-to-Business e-Marketplace Pattern, is an emerging
pattern that allows the development of e-Marketplace hub applications that
bring multiple buyers and sellers together in a way that provides efficient
electronic trading of goods and services. This pattern is a composition of
existing patterns, including the User-to-Online Buying pattern, the
User-to-Business pattern and the User-to-User pattern.
This redbook discusses subsets of the application topologies for the
Business-to-Business e-Marketplace Pattern. These subsets are used to
describe different parts of the full marketplace topology, and they represent
increasing levels of complexity, functionality, and integration in the topology,
ranging from a simple e-Marketplace to a fully integrated e-Marketplace.
Part 1 of the redbook describes the nature of e-Marketplaces and guides you
through the process of choosing an application and runtime topology to
deliver the desired market functionality. It then provides you with possible
product mappings for implementation of the chosen runtime.
Part 2 of the redbook provides a set of guidelines for building your
e-Marketplace application. These guidelines include discussion of
performance, technology options, application design, application
development, systems management, and security.
Part 3 of the redbook describes, using the standard sample application, the
functions available in WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition for
AIX. At the time this redbook was written we were using a pre-release version
of Marketplace Edition so our working example is not complete. We have
taken the approach of first describing our understanding of the facilities that
will be available in the released version of WebSphere Commerce Suite,
Marketplace Edition for AIX, and then giving some detail of the features we
were able to implement and test.
The team that wrote this redbook
This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world
working at the International Technical Support Organization, Raleigh Center.
Bill Moore is a WebSphere Specialist at the International Technical Support
Organization, Raleigh Center. He writes extensively and teaches IBM classes
xiv e-Marketplace Pattern using WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition
on WebSphere and related topics. Before joining the ITSO, Bill was a Senior
Aim Consultant at the IBM Transarc lab in Sydney, Australia. He has 16 years
of application development experience on a wide range of computing
platforms and using many different coding languages. He holds a Master of
Arts degree in English from the University of Waikato, in Hamilton, New
Zealand. His current areas of expertise include the VisualAge family of
application development tools, object-oriented programming and design, and
e-business application development.
Mitch Fielding is an e-Business Specialist at Solution 6, an IBM Business
Partner based in Sydney, Australia. He has 10 years’ experience in software
development and consulting in private and government industry sectors - two
years of which have been in the e-Business arena using WebSphere-based
technologies. He has previously written on servlet and JSP programming
using VisualAge and WebSphere Studio.
Charles Wilson is an e-Business IT/Architect in IBM USA. He has 15 years
of experience in software development and consulting in the private sector
and with the US government. He has been designing and building Internet
and Intranet sites for five years and specializes in e-Business, Java, Linux,
and high-performance computing. He holds a degree in Computer Science
from Texas Central College.
Ara Avanesian is an Advisory I/T Professional in IBM Canada. He has five
years of experience in application development and system design in finance,
retail and government industry sectors. As part of IBM Canada e-Business
Services and Consulting he specializes in WebSphere-based technologies.
He holds a degree in Computer Science from York University.
Pieter Viljoen is a Technical Sales Specialist for the western region in the
United States. He has 11 years of experience in technical support, sales,
marketing and solutions development in the field. His areas of expertise
include technical solutions development, programming and system analysis
and design.
Figure 1. The authors
Thanks to the following people for their invaluable contributions to this
Margaret Ticknor
John Ganci
Linda Robinson
International Technical Support Organization, Raleigh Center
Vibby Gottemukkala
Richard Goodwin
Scott Smith
Charles Shan

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