Chapter 10. Marketplace Edition overview 211
Figure 47. Java programming model
More details about the Java programming model used in the Marketplace
Edition can be found in Chapter 7, Application design guidelines on page
10.6 Example application
In the example chapters in the remainder of Part 3, Business-to-Business
Patterns: e-Marketplace example on page 193 we illustrate the
implementation of the Marketplace Edition using the standard example
application that was shipped with the pre-release code used in writing this
redbook. This example application illustrates the features and functions
available to an e-Marketplace that uses the WebSphere Commerce Suite,
Marketplace Edition.
It uses a fictional example of an e-Marketplace centered around a worldwide
shipbuilding marketplace. In Appendix A, Marketplace Edition installation
guide on page 455 ,we give instructions for installing this example
Interaction Controllers
Commands (Interfaces &
Persistent Objects &
Access Control
Java Programming Model Components
212 e-Marketplace Pattern using WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition

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