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Chapter 11. Example - runtime environment
This chapter discusses the configuration we used in the implementation and
testing of the WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition for this
redbook.Because the WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition was
still being developed when we were developing this redbook, we were not
able to implement the Marketplace Edition on more that one system.
Therefore for our testing we installed the IBM HTTP Web server, DB2, LDAP
WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition, WebSphere Application
Server, Advanced Edition, Net.Data and WebSphere Commerce Suite all on
one system. This is not the preferred way of implementing a production
system. There are several ways that a system can be implemented that will
work in a production environment. The following lists several ways of doing a
production implementation:
1. Everything on one system except the data
This would be a good implementation if the system had very low traffic or if
the system was going to be used only for a select number of consumers.
The reason why this system would not be used in a high value
e-Marketplace is because the e-Marketplace could very well become to
much for the system to handle and cause the system to be come unstable.
Also in a double system configuration there is no redundancy, so if there
was a system failure your users would not be able to access your
Figure 48 shows a schematic of this double system implementation.
214 e-Marketplace Pattern using WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition
Figure 48. Double system implementation
2. Separate Web server and database server.
This triple system implementation is more robust than the first one. In this
implementation you would separate the Web server from the application
server and keep the database on a separate machine. This would allow for
more processing to be handled on the application server, and the data
processing would be handled completely by a more robust database
server. Figure 49 shows how this can be implemented.
Chapter 11. Example - runtime environment 215
Figure 49. Triple system implementation
3. Build a farm out of each system\
The last implementation would be a completely robust and load-balanced
implementation. This can be implemented by building a Web server farm
for the Web servers, building an application server farm for the application
servers, and building a database farm for the database servers. This is by
far the most robust implementation and the most reliable implementation.
One thing to keep in mind is before you implement the WebSphere
Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition for AIX, make sure that you size all
of the systems for the traffic that will be using the application. Figure 50 on
page 216 shows the farm implementation.

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