W - Z
.WAV format
audio CDs, saving as (Creator
Classic), 7
converting to MP3 format (Nero
Burning ROM), 62-63
versus MP3 format, 9
Nero Burning ROM, product
manuals/updates, 42
Nero Express, product
manuals/updates, 42
Windows Media Player, 84
adding music files to, 87-89
AutoPlaylists, 94-97
burning CDs, 89
Internet radio, 100-101
Media Library, 86
minimizing, 86
playlists, 90-93
plug-ins, 97
ratings, 92
resizing, 103
setting as default media player,
special effects, 98-99
starting, 86
tagging, 94-97
upgrading, 104
zooming in/out on clips
(VideoWave), 127
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zooming in/out on clips
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Easy Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition,Third Edition
Shelley O’Hara
ISBN: 0-7897-3337-4
$19.99 USA/$28.99 CAN
Easy Digital Music
Tom Bunzel
ISBN: 0-7897-3245-9
$19.99 USA/$28.99 CAN
it yourself
it done
Rather than having you read
through a lot of text, Easy lets
you learn visually. Users are
introduced to topics of technology,
hardware, software, and computers
in a friendly, yet motivating, manner.
Easy Adobe Photoshop
Elements 3
Kate Binder
ISBN: 0-7897-3330-7
$19.99 USA/$28.99 CAN
Easy Digital Home Movies
Jake Ludington
ISBN: 0-7898-3114-2
$19.99 USA/$28.99 CAN
License Agreement
By opening this package, you are also agreeing to be bound by the following
You may not copy or redistribute the entire CD-ROM as a whole. Copying and redis-
tribution of individual software programs on the CD-ROM is governed by terms set by
individual copyright holders.
The installer and code from the author(s) are copyrighted by the publisher and the
author(s). Individual programs and other items on the CD-ROM are copyrighted or
are under an Open Source license by their various authors or other copyright
This software is sold as-is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied,
including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose. Neither the publisher nor its dealers or distributors assumes any
liability for any alleged or actual damages arising from the use of this program.
(Some states do not allow for the exclusion of implied warranties, so the exclusion
may not apply to you.)
Now that you’ve mastered the
basic principles behind CD & DVD
authoring, you should put your
skills to work!
Easy Media Creator 7.5 is the best way to continue flexing
your newfound authoring muscle.
For your first foray into Authoring:
Easy Media Creator 7.5 - Beyond simple CD
burning, you can now organize, edit, back up, and
share your digital photos, music, video, and data –
all within one integrated product. Easy Media
Creator™ 7.5 seamlessly combines the complete
versions of the latest, award-winning Easy CD &
DVD Creator, PhotoSuite, and VideoWave!
As DVDs become ubiquitous, you are now in a position to take advantage of
your ability to author and burn CDs and DVDs, create videos and slideshows,
and custom tailor your entire project from design to distribution.
Buy Creator 7.5 today and save!
Go to: www.roxio.com/pearson

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