Creating a Project in DVD
Now you’re ready to assemble a DVD project that we will burn to a disc. The
beauty of this format is that it plays on a consumer DVD player as well as a
PC, and the user can navigate through the movies instantly using interactive
menus, titles, and chapters.
When we played a DVD in Media Player at the end of Part 3, “Using Media
Player to Enjoy CDs and DVDs,” we saw the relationship between the menu,
titles, and chapters. If you’ve rented a DVD movie you probably played it
straight through as one long title. There may have been additional titles (seg-
ments) showing interviews, outtakes, and other features. If you wanted to locate
a specific scene, you were able to locate chapters in the main title using the
Using DVD Builder, you’ll design the main menu with buttons, pictures, and
text. The buttons will launch your titles or go deeper into longer titles and
launch individual chapters.
DVD Builder lets you use predefined themes, which offer complementary back-
grounds, buttons, and menus, or you can add your own backgrounds to the
menus. Buttons can be lined up using an Auto Arrange button, or you can turn
this feature off and move the elements of the menu where you want them. Font
and text color formatting options familiar to users of other Windows graphics
programs are also part of the application.
Designing an Interactive Menu
in DVD Builder
Create an
menu to link to
your video
Select from a
variety of
Save a Custom
Theme based on
your design

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