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Easy Office 2013

Book Description

This year, millions of beginner-to-intermediate-level users will be searching for the easiest possible way to master Office 2013's new features. If you're one of them, Easy Office 2013 will give you exactly what you're looking for.

This full-color, utterly simple, step-by-step tutorial is carefully crafted to provide instant access to the 100+ tasks you'll find most useful and valuable. Like all Easy series books, it teaches visually: you're never forced to work through lengthy text explanations. Its large typeface makes it even more accessible to all readers - especially senior readers whose needs are disregarded by most computer books.

Written by two of the world's most experienced authors of Microsoft Office books for beginners, Easy Office 2013 presents the easiest, fastest, most direct procedures for getting the results you're looking for.

Learn how to…
* Get super productive with Office 2013’s powerful new tools
* Create, edit, and read Office files on the Web and mobile devices
* Craft high-impact documents with powerful visuals
* Prepare and analyze data visually with Excel charts and PivotTables
* Make winning presentations with PowerPoint’s new tools; even add audio and video
* Work with others to review and refine your documents
* Use Outlook to take control of your messages, schedules, and tasks
* Take notes anywhere with OneNote: never forget a great idea again!
* Publish Office content straight to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
* And more

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Contents
  5. About the Authors
  6. Dedication
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. We Want to Hear from You!
  9. Reader Services
  10. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3
  11. Introduction to Easy Office 2013
    1. Who This Book Is For
    2. How This Book is Organized
  12. Part I. Microsoft Office 2013
    1. Chapter 1. Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2013
      1. Microsoft Office 2013 Start Screen (Word)
      2. Using the Ribbon
      3. Exploring Backstage View
      4. Using the Quick Access Toolbar
      5. Using the Mini Toolbar
      6. Using Contextual Tabs
      7. Using Task Panes
    2. Chapter 2. Working with Office Applications
      1. Getting Help
      2. Setting Up Your Account
      3. Opening a File
      4. Using the Clipboard to Cut, Copy, and Paste
      5. Saving a File to Your Computer
      6. Saving as a PDF or an XPS Document
      7. Sharing a File
      8. Printing a File
      9. Closing a File
      10. Customizing Office
    3. Chapter 3. Working with Text
      1. Formatting Text on the Home Tab (Word)
      2. Using the Font Dialog Box to Format Text
      3. Aligning Text
      4. Finding and Replacing Text
      5. Inserting WordArt
      6. Formatting WordArt
      7. Checking Spelling
    4. Chapter 4. Working with Pictures
      1. Picture Tools–Format Tab
      2. Inserting a Picture from Your Computer
      3. Inserting an Online Picture from Office.com
      4. Enhancing a Picture
      5. Applying a Picture Style
      6. Applying a Picture Border
      7. Resizing a Picture
      8. Cropping a Picture
    5. Chapter 5. Working with Shapes, SmartArt, and Screenshots
      1. Insert Tab
      2. Inserting a Shape
      3. Formatting a Shape
      4. Inserting a SmartArt Graphic
      5. Inserting a Screenshot
    6. Chapter 6. Using Microsoft Office on the Web and Mobile Devices
      1. Exploring SkyDrive
      2. Getting Started with SkyDrive
      3. Creating a New Folder
      4. Managing Folders
      5. Uploading Files to SkyDrive
      6. Creating a New File in SkyDrive
      7. Editing a File in SkyDrive
  13. Part II. Microsoft Word 2013
    1. Chapter 7. Creating a Document in Microsoft Word
      1. Navigating the Word Program Screen
      2. Starting a Blank Document
      3. Starting a New Document
      4. Selecting Text
      5. Creating a Document from a Template
      6. Creating Bullet and Number Lists
      7. Changing Text Color
      8. Applying Styles
      9. Adding Quick Parts
      10. Creating a Table
      11. Creating a Quick Table
      12. Applying a Table Style
      13. Inserting Rows and Columns
      14. Deleting Rows and Columns
      15. Deleting a Table
      16. Merging Table Cells
      17. Splitting Table Cells
    2. Chapter 8. Enhancing Word Documents
      1. Adding Headers and Footers in Word
      2. Inserting a Cover Page
      3. Inserting a Blank Page
      4. Inserting a Page Break
      5. Inserting Page Numbers
      6. Adding Headers and Footers
      7. Editing Headers and Footers
      8. Inserting a Text Box
      9. Inserting a Drop Cap
      10. Inserting a Date
      11. Inserting a Symbol
      12. Inserting a Hyperlink
      13. Inserting a Bookmark
    3. Chapter 9. Controlling Page Layout
      1. Controlling Page Layout in Word
      2. Changing Page Margins
      3. Modifying Page Orientation
      4. Changing Page Size
      5. Creating Columns
      6. Applying Page Borders
      7. Adding Indents
      8. Changing Line Spacing
      9. Controlling Paragraph Spacing
      10. Setting Tabs
      11. Applying a Theme
    4. Chapter 10. Reviewing and Viewing Word Documents
      1. Review Tools in Word
      2. Tracking Changes with Document Reviewers
      3. Adding Comments
      4. Viewing Document Markup
      5. Accepting or Rejecting Changes
      6. Exploring Document Views
      7. Zooming In and Out of Documents
  14. Part III. Microsoft Excel 2013
    1. Chapter 11. Creating an Excel Workbook
      1. Getting Started with Excel
      2. Creating a Workbook from a Template
      3. Creating a Blank Workbook
      4. Navigating the Worksheet Screen
      5. Entering Data
      6. Inserting a New Row
      7. Inserting a New Column
      8. Deleting Rows and Columns
      9. Inserting a New Worksheet
      10. Renaming Worksheet Tabs
      11. Deleting a Worksheet
      12. Hiding a Worksheet
      13. Protecting a Workbook with a Password
    2. Chapter 12. Formatting Worksheet Data
      1. Formatting Basics
      2. Wrapping Text
      3. Merging and Centering Text
      4. Formatting Numbers
      5. Applying Cell Styles
      6. Formatting as a Table
      7. Adjusting Column Width
      8. Adjusting Row Height
      9. Finding Data
      10. Freezing Panes
      11. Sorting Data
      12. Filtering Data
    3. Chapter 13. Working with Cell Formulas and Functions
      1. Cell Formula Basics
      2. Creating a Simple Formula
      3. Copying Formulas Using Fill
      4. Creating a Compound Formula
      5. Creating an Absolute Reference in a Formula
      6. Using the SUM Function
      7. Using the AutoSum Button
      8. Using the AVERAGE Function
    4. Chapter 14. Working with Charts, PivotTables, and Sparklines
      1. Chart and PivotTable Tools
      2. Inserting a Chart
      3. Applying a Chart Style
      4. Modifying a Chart
      5. Creating a PivotTable
      6. Adding a Sparkline
  15. Part IV. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
    1. Chapter 15. Creating and Managing PowerPoint Presentations
      1. Getting Started with PowerPoint
      2. Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation
      3. Exploring Normal View
      4. Adding Slides to Your Presentation
      5. Adding a Slide with a Bullet List
      6. Adding Sections to Your Presentation
      7. Creating a Presentation Outline
    2. Chapter 16. Editing and Formatting Presentations
      1. PowerPoint Design Options
      2. Applying a New Slide Layout
      3. Applying a New Theme
      4. Formatting a Slide’s Background
      5. Organizing Your Presentation with Slide Sorter View
      6. Copying and Moving Slides from One Presentation to Another
      7. Deleting a Slide
      8. Using Slide Masters
      9. Inserting a Hyperlink to the Web
      10. Inserting a Hyperlink to Another Slide in Your Presentation
      11. Adding Headers and Footers
      12. Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word
      13. Printing Your Presentation
    3. Chapter 17. Working with Audio, Video, and Animation
      1. Animations Tab and Pane
      2. Inserting Online Video
      3. Inserting a Video Clip from Your Computer
      4. Formatting Video Clips
      5. Inserting an Audio Clip from Your Computer
      6. Setting Slide Transitions
      7. Animating Slide Objects
      8. Customizing Animations on the Animation Pane
    4. Chapter 18. Reviewing and Making Presentations
      1. Slide Show Tab
      2. Adding Comments
      3. Managing Comments
      4. Comparing Presentations
      5. Setting Up a Slide Show
      6. Rehearsing Timings
      7. Recording Voice Narrations
      8. Presenting Your Show
      9. Presenting Online
      10. Exploring Presenter View
      11. Creating Videos from PowerPoint Presentations
  16. Part V. Microsoft Outlook 2013
    1. Chapter 19. Sending and Receiving Messages
      1. Navigating the Outlook Program Screen
      2. Add an Email Account
      3. Exploring the Outlook Layout
      4. Sending an Email Message
      5. Receiving and Reading Your Email
      6. Replying to a Message
      7. Forwarding a Message
      8. Attaching Files to a Message
      9. Creating an Email Signature
      10. Creating Email Rules to Manage Spam
    2. Chapter 20. Organizing and Scheduling in Outlook
      1. Navigating the Outlook Calendar
      2. Viewing Your Contacts
      3. Emailing a Contact
      4. Adding a New Contact
      5. Viewing the Calendar
      6. Scheduling an Appointment
      7. Scheduling a Meeting
      8. Sharing Your Calendar
      9. Creating a Task
      10. Managing Tasks
      11. Creating Notes
      12. Subscribing to RSS Feeds
  17. Part VI. Microsoft OneNote 2013
    1. Chapter 21. Creating Notebooks
      1. Adding Notes in Notebook
      2. Creating a New Notebook
      3. Adding a Page Title
      4. Creating a Section
      5. Moving a Section
      6. Adding Notes
      7. Adding Pages
      8. Creating Subpages
      9. Adding a Picture
      10. Applying Tags
      11. Inserting Links
      12. Applying a Template
      13. Change Notebook Views
    2. Chapter 22. Enhancing and Managing Notebooks
      1. Adding Video to a Notebook
      2. Attaching Files
      3. Inserting Tables
      4. Recording Audio
      5. Recording Video
      6. Adding a Timestamp
      7. Emailing a Page
      8. Drawing in Your Notebook
      9. Sending a Task to Outlook
      10. Sending a File to OneNote
  18. Glossary
  19. Index
  20. Check Out These Easy Titles
  21. The Least You Need To Know
  22. Ad Pages