Easy OS X® Mavericks

Book description

Easy Mac OS X is the perfect companion for everyone who's bought a new Macintosh with the new OS X pre-installed, every Mac user who's upgrading to the newest version of OS X, and for the many new Mac users who've just switched from Windows. This full-color, utterly simple, step-by-step book has been carefully crafted to provide instant access to the tasks beginner-to-intermediate users need to master. Like all books in the Easy series, it's designed to teach visually; readers never have to work their way through lengthy text explanations. Here's just some of what readers will learn how to do:

  • Get on the Internet and make the most of the Mac's great web and communication tools

  • Install and use applications, printers, and scanners

  • Use OS X  powerful iLife media tools

  • Customize their Macs

  • Create home networks and share their Macs with multiple users

  • Organize their files, folders, disks - and their lives

  • Keep their Macs running reliably

  • Use the Cloud, Notification Center, Reminders, Gate Keeper, Messages, Notes and much more.

  • Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Table of Contents
    5. Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. It’s as Easy as 1-2-3
    12. Introduction to Easy OS X®Mavericks
    13. Chapter 1. Getting Started
      1. Mac OS X Desktop
      2. Touring the Desktop
      3. Restarting or Shutting Down the Mac
      4. Using the Dock
      5. Checking Your Notifications
      6. Using Contextual Menus
      7. Getting Help
      8. Moving and Resizing Windows
      9. Minimizing and Maximizing Windows
      10. Managing Multiple Windows
      11. Using Custom Desktops
      12. Setting Basic System Preferences
      13. Setting Up Your Internet Connection
      14. Connecting to Your ISP
      15. Using Universal Access
      16. Setting Up VoiceOver
    14. Chapter 2. Working with Disks, Folders, and Files
      1. Viewing Your Files and Folders
      2. Using Single-Window Mode
      3. Using Multi-Window Mode
      4. Using the Toolbar
      5. Customizing the Toolbar
      6. Using Different Folder Views
      7. Selecting Files
      8. Moving and Copying Files and Folders
      9. Making a New Folder
      10. Renaming Folders and Files
      11. Using Tabbed Windows
      12. Accessing Your Favorite Files and Places
      13. Tagging Files with Categories
      14. Searching for Tagged Files
      15. Creating and Editing Tags
      16. Previewing a File
      17. Opening a File
      18. Viewing File Information
      19. Finding Files with Spotlight
      20. Creating a Smart Folder
      21. Setting Up Backup Drives
      22. Restoring Backed-Up Files
      23. Deleting a File
    15. Chapter 3. Installing and Using Applications
      1. Mac OS X Programs
      2. Installing Programs
      3. Shopping In the App Store
      4. Starting Applications with Launchpad
      5. Organizing Applications with Launchpad
      6. Using Apps in Full-Screen Mode
      7. Saving Files
      8. Writing with TextEdit
      9. Using the Font Panel
      10. Watching DVDs
      11. Switching Programs with the Dock
      12. Hiding Programs
    16. Chapter 4. Setting System Preferences
      1. The system preferences window
      2. Setting System Preferences
      3. Changing Your Alert Sound
      4. Changing Display Settings
      5. Changing the Mouse Speed
      6. Changing Keyboard Settings
      7. Setting Energy Saver Options
      8. Setting The Time and Date
      9. Adjusting the System Volume
      10. Setting Trackpad Preferences
      11. Monitoring Battery Use
    17. Chapter 5. Customizing Your Mac
      1. Taking Advantage of Custom Settings
      2. Moving the Dock Around
      3. Changing the Dock’s Size
      4. Customizing the Dock’s Behavior
      5. Changing the Way the Finder Works
      6. Changing Your Desktop Picture
      7. Changing Your Screen Saver
      8. Changing Your Login Icon
      9. Changing Your Mac’s Language
      10. Using Multiple Displays
      11. Sending Video to Apple TV
      12. Adding Login Items
      13. Increasing Your Mac’s Security
      14. Adding New Dashboard Widgets
      15. Making Your Own Widgets
    18. Chapter 6. Organizing Your Life
      1. Working with Contacts and Schedules
      2. Adding Contacts
      3. Creating Groups of Contacts
      4. Creating a Smart Contact Group
      5. Exporting Contacts as vCards
      6. Importing a vCard
      7. Mapping a Contact’s Address
      8. Adding Reminders
      9. Making Notes
      10. Adding an Appointment to Your Calendar
      11. Modifying an Event in Your Calendar
      12. Sharing Calendars with iCloud
      13. Setting Up an Event Alert
      14. Responding to Notifications
      15. Adding Custom Notifications
      16. Inviting Contacts to Events in Calendar
      17. Putting Contacts, Bookmarks, and Calendars Online
      18. Searching Calendars
      19. Getting Directions in Maps
      20. Using Different Views in Maps
      21. Sending Directions to Your iPhone
      22. Bookmarking Locations in Maps
    19. Chapter 7. Printing, Faxing, and Scanning
      1. Using Printers, Fax Modems, Scanners, and Fonts
      2. Setting Up a Printer
      3. Switching Printers
      4. Printing a Document
      5. Sending a Fax
      6. Using a Scanner
      7. Adding Fonts
      8. Organizing Fonts
    20. Chapter 8. Keeping in Touch
      1. Using Email and Chat
      2. Setting Up Email Accounts
      3. Sending Email with Mail
      4. Receiving Email with Mail
      5. Organizing Mailboxes
      6. Creating a Smart Mailbox
      7. Filtering Email in Mail
      8. Intercepting Spam in Mail
      9. Making Video Calls with Facetime
      10. Getting an Apple ID for Chatting
      11. Using Messages with Other Services
      12. Sending Chat Messages
      13. Making Voice Calls
      14. Holding a Videoconference
      15. Applying Special Video Effects
    21. Chapter 9. Living Online
      1. Hanging Out on the Net
      2. Surfing in Safari
      3. Organizing Bookmarks
      4. Accessing Your Top Sites
      5. Using the History in Safari
      6. Using Tabbed Browser Windows
      7. Saving Your Passwords to iCloud
      8. Creating Strong Passwords
      9. Searching Within a Web Page
      10. Viewing Web Pages in Reader Mode
      11. Saving Web Pages to Your Reading List
      12. Browsing Securely
      13. Sharing Web Pages with Your Friends
      14. Sharing From Anywhere
      15. Connecting with Game Center
      16. Storing Personal Data in iCloud
      17. Keeping Your Documents in iCloud
      18. Controlling Kids’ Computer Use
    22. Chapter 10. Getting an iLife
      1. Managing Photos, Video, and Music
      2. Importing Photos into iPhoto
      3. Creating iPhoto Albums
      4. Printing Photos
      5. Sharing Photos Online
      6. Applying Fun Photo Effects
      7. Ripping Songs from a CD
      8. Using iTunes Match
      9. Making a New Playlist
      10. Burning a Music CD
      11. Buying Songs Through iTunes
      12. Renting Movies and TV Shows
      13. Subscribing to Audio and Video Podcasts
      14. Reading in iBooks
      15. Buying Books for iBooks
      16. Taking Notes and Highlighting
      17. Importing Video Footage into iMovie
      18. Saving a Movie
      19. Sending Music to Your Stereo or TV
    23. Chapter 11. Sharing Your Mac with Multiple Users
      1. Account and Security Setup
      2. Creating and Deleting Users
      3. Making a User an Admin
      4. Logging In and Out
      5. Switching Users Without Logging Out
      6. Resetting Your Password
      7. Sharing Files with Other Users
    24. Chapter 12. Creating a Home Network
      1. Setting Up and Using a Network
      2. Creating an Airport Network
      3. Joining a Wired Network
      4. Connecting to Networked Computers
      5. Moving Files with AirDrop
      6. Sharing Files on a Network
      7. Sharing Discs
      8. Controlling Another Mac
      9. Searching Macs
      10. Sharing a Printer on a Network
      11. Sharing an Internet Connection
      12. Joining a Wi-Fi Network
    25. Chapter 13. Maintaining Your Mac
      1. Mac Maintenance and Repair Kit
      2. Guarding Against Malware
      3. Fixing Errors with Disk Utility
      4. Repairing the Startup Disk
      5. Updating Programs with the App Store
      6. Using the Date & Time Preferences
      7. Color Calibrating Your Monitor
      8. Forcing an Application to Quit
      9. Reformatting a Hard Disk
    26. Glossary
    27. Index

    Product information

    • Title: Easy OS X® Mavericks
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133473803