Table of Contents


About This Book

Foolish Assumptions

Icons Used in This Book

Beyond the Book

Where to Go from Here

Book I: eBay Basics

Chapter 1: Hooking Up with Online Technology

Starting with the Right Computer

The absolute necessities

Buying a used computer

Buying a refurbished computer

Upgrading your system with the help of eBay

Connecting to eBay without a Computer

Libraries: from Dewey Decimal to eBay

Commercial cyber-outlets and cafés

Hooking up from work

Choosing an ISP

Accessing E-Mail

Browsing for a Browser

Perusing the menus

Dabbling with the toolbar

Expert keyboard shortcuts

Chapter 2: Navigating through eBay

Homing In on the Home Page

Home-page links, the next generation

Bottoming out

Navigating eBay the Easy Way

Links to main areas

Links to register, sign in, or shop

Getting around on a catalog page

Maneuvering the Categories

Exploring Home Page Search Options

Chapter 3: Signing Up and Getting Started

Registering on eBay

Filling in required information

Do you solemnly swear?

It must be true if you have it in writing

Your license to deal (almost)

Picking a Pickproof Password

Selecting Your User ID

Signing In to Deal

eBay's Trust & Safety Is Watching

Staying Notified about the Rules

Abuses You Might Report to Trust & Safety

Selling abuses

Bidding abuses

Feedback abuses

Identity abuses

Operational abuses

Miscellaneous abuses

Reporting Abuses

eBay's response may vary

Speeding up a response (or not)

Don't Get Caught in a Trading Violation

Chapter 4: Knowing ...

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