Chapter 1: Researching on eBay

In This Chapter

  • Using eBay search
  • Figuring out what's your “Best Match”
  • Working with search results
  • Finding eBay members
  • Figuring out the category structure

Think of walking into a store and seeing thousands of aisles of shelves containing millions of items. Browsing the categories of items up for sale on eBay can be just as pleasantly boggling, without the prospect of sore feet. One of the best parts about shopping on eBay is that you can find just about everything, from that esoteric lithium battery to new designer dresses (with matching shoes) to pneumatic jackhammers. New or used, it's all here — lurking in the millions of daily listings.

Start surfing around the site, and you instantly understand the size and scope of what you can find for sale. You may feel overwhelmed at first, but the folks at eBay have come up with lots of ways to help you find exactly what you're looking for. But finding the nuggets (deals) can be like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. The search tips in this chapter will put you ahead of your competition for finding deals, and instruct the pricing and timing of your own listings.

Looking for Items with eBay's Search Engine

Anyone can find items to purchase on eBay. Finding bargains or researching selling prices accurately, on the other hand, requires a bit more finesse. The key is to understand how to search the site for hidden treasures. Just as knowing how to browse the categories is important, knowing ...

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