Chapter 3: Selling Other People's Stuff Online

In This Chapter

  • Organizing your consignment business
  • Competing with consignment store chains
  • Becoming a Trading Assistant on eBay
  • Promoting your consignment business
  • Writing an effective consignment contract

Consignment sales are a popular way for you to help non-techie types by selling their items on eBay. Lots of sellers do it, and several retail locations base their business on it. This chapter gives you a close-up look at consignment selling. Essentially you take possession of the item from the owner and sell it on eBay. You're responsible for taking photos and marketing the auction on eBay — for a fee. In addition to the money you earn selling on consignment, you also get excellent experience for future auctions of your own merchandise

Getting Organized to Sell for Others

To set up your business for consignment sales, you should follow a few guidelines:

  1. Design a consignment agreement (a binding contract), and send it to the owners of the merchandise before they send you their items. Doing so ensures that all policies are set up in advance and that no questions will arise after the transaction has begun.
  2. Have the owners sign and give the agreement to you (the consignor) along with the item.
  3. Research the item based on past sales so you can give the owners an estimated range of what the item might sell for on eBay.
  4. Photograph the item carefully (see Book V for some hints) and write a thoughtful, thorough description.
  5. Handle all ...

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