Chapter 3

Signing Up and Getting Started


check Registering with eBay

check Choosing a password

check Selecting a User ID

check Signing in

check Following eBay’s rules

The prospect of getting started on eBay is exciting — and daunting. Perhaps you’ve visited the eBay website once or twice with the idea that you might buy something. Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk about the things they’ve bought. Did you look up something simple, such as a golf club? Did eBay come up with several thousand listings? Or maybe you figured you’d get smart and narrow the search down to a 3 iron, but you still got more than a thousand listings?

Did you consider buying something and then just left the site, for fear you’d get ripped off? eBay works much better for me than any quasi-convenient TV shopping. On eBay, you have the opportunity to give an item a leisurely once-over, read the description and terms, and click a link to ask the seller a question before you bid or buy — and there’s eBay’s Money Back Guarantee! ...

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