Chapter 1

Your eBay Photo Studio


check Setting up a photo studio

check Looking into camera features

check Scanning paper items

check Buying other tools for your photo studio

Welcome to the world of imaging, where pictures aren’t called pictures but images. Pictures taken with a digital camera or a smartphone — or scanned on a scanner — can be cropped, color-corrected, and made near-perfect with simple software. Crisp images draw attention to your listings and grab viewers by the lapels.

Sellers, take heed and read why you should use numerous, well-made digital images in your listing pages:

  • If you don’t have a crystal-clear picture, potential customers may wonder whether you’re deliberately hiding something about the item from view because you know something is wrong with it. Paranoid? Maybe. Practical? You bet.
  • Many fickle shoppers don’t even bother reading an item description if they can’t take a good look the item.
  • Aside from using eBay’s catalog photos (when available), taking your own pictures shows that you actually have the item in your possession. Lazy sellers take images from ...

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