Chapter 10. Time to Sell: Completing the Cyber Paperwork

In This Chapter

  • Getting ready to set up your listing

  • Choosing your item category

  • Writing your item description

  • Deciding on your options

  • Making changes after your auction has started

It's time to make some money? Are you ready? Yes? (Call it an inspired guess.) You're on the threshold of adding your items to the hundreds of thousands that go up for sale on eBay every day (and perhaps also shedding from your home some of the valuable things you haven't touched in years). Some listings are so hot that the sellers quadruple their investments. Other items, unfortunately, are so stone cold that they may not even register a single bid.

In this chapter, I explain all the facets of the Sell an Item page — the page you fill out to get your auction going on eBay. You get some advice that can increase your odds of making money, and you find out the best way to position your item so buyers can see it and bid on it. I also show you how to modify, relist, or end your auction whenever you need to.


A caveat here: To keep the marketplace vibrant, eBay's programmers are constantly working to improve the site, and improvement means change. The listing form (as I describe in this chapter) can change from time to time, but the basic decisions you need to make will not. The selling philosophy laid out in this chapter should help you ride the waves of change on eBay — whatever they may be.

Getting Ready to List Your Item

After you decide what you want ...

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