Chapter 15. Privacy: To Protect and to Serve

In This Chapter

  • Digging up what eBay knows about you

  • Determining how safe your information is on eBay

  • Finding out what eBay does with your info

  • Protecting your privacy

On the Internet, as in real life, you should never take your personal privacy for granted. Sure, you're ecstatic that you can shop and sell on eBay from the privacy of your home, but remember: Just because your front door is locked doesn't mean that your privacy is being protected. If you're new to the Internet, you may be surprised to find out what you reveal about yourself to the world, no matter how many precautions you take. (Yes, we all know about that neon green exfoliating mask you wear when you're bidding ... just kidding ... honest.)

In this chapter, you find out how much eBay knows about you and who eBay shares your information with. I explain what you can do to protect your privacy and tell you some simple steps you can take to increase not only your Internet privacy but also yourpersonal safety.

What eBay Knows about You

The irony of the Internet is that although you think you're sitting at home working anonymously, third parties such as advertisers and marketing companies are secretly getting to know you.

While you're busy collecting Winter Olympic memorabilia and buying that hot new Dooney Burke purse, eBay is busy collecting nuggets of information about you. eBay gets some of this information from you and some of it from your computer. All the data eBay gets is stored ...

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