Chapter 16. Staying Safe and Sane

In This Chapter

  • Keeping eBay members safe

  • Staying current with the rules

  • Filing complaints against eBay bad guys

  • Knowing your items through authentication

  • Saving yourself: Where to go when eBay can't help

Millions of people transact business every day on eBay. If you're new to the Internet, however, you may need a reality check. With hundreds of millions of listings worldwide, and close to 30 million new listings every day, the law of averages dictates that you're bound to run into some rough seas eventually. If you do, know that you can get the answers you need from eBay's Trust & Safety department. In this chapter, I take you through the Trust & Safety resources — from reporting abuses to resolving insurance issues. This chapter explains how eBay enforces its rules and regulations, shows how you can use third-party bonding and mediation services, and even points out how to go outside eBay for help if you run into some really big-time problems.

Keeping eBay Safe with Trust & Safety

The Security Center is the eBay area that focuses on protecting eBay buyers and sellers from members who aren't playing by the rules. Through this department, eBay issues warnings and policy changes — and in some cases, it gives eBay bad guys the heave-ho.


You should know about two important safety areas on eBay:

  • eBay Security Center: You reach the Security Center from a small link found at the bottom of almost every eBay page. From here you can find and report safety violations. ...

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