Chapter 18. eBay's Fun Features

In This Chapter

  • Buying for a good cause

  • Using eBay's member specials

  • Buying souvenirs at The eBay Shop

  • Calling free with Skype

  • Getting a personal cyber-shopper

No one can say that eBay isn't fun! The eBay staff is always trying to work with the community by filling needs and finding fun stuff to keep us happy. In this chapter, I show you how eBay members can get great inside deals from manufacturers, and I open the door of The eBay Shop, where you can get T-shirts and coffee cups with the official eBay logo on them. I also show you how you can help your favorite charity earn some well-deserved cash at eBay's charity auctions.

Over and over, eBay members show what big hearts they have. Yes, you actually can pocket some nice-sized profits from selling on the eBay Web site, but (just as in real life) people usually take the time to give a little back for worthy causes. But because we're talking about eBay, giving back means getting something fabulous in return.

Truly Righteous Stuff for Charity

Most of us have donated to charity in one form or another. But here on eBay, charities really rock. Do you need a Jurassic Park helmet signed by Steven Spielberg to round out your collection (and deflect the odd dino tooth)? Post a bid on one of the charity auctions. How about a signed original photograph of Jerry Seinfeld from People magazine? Yup, you can get that, too. All these and more have turned up in charity auctions. In short, having a big heart for charities ...

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