Chapter 19. Ten (or So) Golden Rules for eBay Buyers and Sellers

In This Chapter

  • Investigating your treasure

  • Checking feedback

  • Understanding charges and payment methods

  • Researching an item's value

  • Covering your assets

  • Building your Detailed Seller Ratingss

  • Keeping current, keeping cool

No matter how much experience airplane pilots may have, they always keep multiple checklists to go over. The same is true on eBay (although the only crashing that you need to worry about is on your computer). No matter how many times you buy or sell, the advice in this chapter can help you survive and thrive at eBay.

Although conducting business on eBay is relatively smooth overall, any venture is bound to have a few bumps here and there. A certain etiquette goes along with everything we do in life. If you follow these simple rules, your time on the site will be a whole lot more pleasant for everyone. That said, here are ten (or so) easy, important golden rules for eBay. I note which tips are geared toward buyers or sellers. Happy hunting and gathering!


After a while, posting listings and bidding become rote. You can all too easily forget the basics, so look at this chapter every now and again and remember that, as a successful eBay member, you're part of a very special person-to-person community.

Buyer: Investigate Your Treasure Before You Buy

In the excitement of finding just what you want, you may develop a tendency to leap before you look. Even if the item is closing soon, carefully read the item description. ...

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