Chapter 2

Ready, Set, Go! Signing Up on eBay

In This Chapter

arrow Using eBay’s easy forms

arrow Getting up close and personal about your privacy

arrow Identifying with user IDs and passwords

arrow Learning the ropes (eBay rules and regs)

You’ve no doubt figured out that you sign on to eBay electronically, which means that you don’t really sign on the dotted line as folks did in days of old. Nowadays, the art of scrawling your signature has become as outdated as vinyl records (although you can still get very collectible vinyl records on eBay if you’re feeling nostalgic).

Compared to finding a parking space at your shopping center during the holidays, signing up for eBay is a snap. The toughest thing you have to do is type your e-mail address correctly (and, if you’re like me, that’s often a challenge).

In this chapter, you find out everything you need to know about registering on eBay. You get tips on what information you have to disclose and what you should keep to yourself. Don’t worry — this is an open-book test. You don’t need to memorize state capitals, the periodic table, or even multiplication tables. ...

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