Chapter 6

Get the Deal: Shopping eBay

In This Chapter

arrow Grasping the details on the Item Listing page

arrow Knowing the seller

arrow Figuring out the extras

arrow Placing a bid

arrow Bidding by proxy automatically

arrow Avoiding bidder’s remorse

Browsing different categories of eBay, looking for nothing in particular, you spot that must-have item lurking among other Justin Timberlake paraphernalia in the Collectibles category. Sure, you could live without that faux-gold Justin Timberlake buckle with belt, but life would be so much sweeter with it. And even if it isn’t in mint condition, at least it’ll hold your pants up on casual Fridays.

When you bid for items on eBay, you can get that same thrill that you would get at Sotheby’s or Christie’s for a lot less money, and the items you win are likely to be slightly more practical than an old Dutch masterpiece you’re afraid to leave at the framer’s.

In this chapter, ...

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