Chapter 13 Saving and Troubleshooting Sales

Chapter 13

Saving and Troubleshooting Sales


Bullet Dealing with a difficult buyer

Bullet Enticing a showrooming shopper

Bullet Handling other mishaps

Bullet Ending an auction early

There’s no getting around it: You are doing business with strangers. There’s no face-to-face handshake and a smile when you make a purchase (or sell to someone). You’ll find that the more transactions you conduct on eBay, the more chances you have of facing some potential pitfalls.

In this chapter, I give you pointers on how to handle a difficult buyer as if he or she is your new best friend (for a little while anyway). In addition, I explain how to keep an honest misunderstanding from blowing up into a vitriolic war. You find out how to handle a sale that’s (shall I say) on a road to nowhere, how to get some attention, and if it all goes sour, how to sell to someone else legally. There’s no way that all of what I mention here will ever happen to you, but the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

Dealing with a Buyer Who Doesn’t Respond

Most of the time, ...

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