Chapter 17

Marketing Sales with Social Media and the Community


Bullet Looking at announcements and other important messages

Bullet Visiting the eBay community

Bullet Filling out your eBay profile

Bullet Connecting on Facebook

Bullet Finding customers on Twitter

To be successful in selling it helps to include some marketing. Marketing is promoting your sales. In today’s world, this relies on social media and advertising. This doesn’t require you to spend money; you can promote your sales online through social media — the 21st century’s answer for free marketing. You can build your own community online to increase sales with only a little bit of effort. In this chapter you’ll get some beginner’s tips; if you’re interested in more advanced lessons, you might like my Social Media Commerce For Dummies book (also published by Wiley).

Marsha says Note how I will always refer to a social media community, versus followers. ...

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