Get Photos into Your Computer

Prepare your photos for eBay in a few simple steps.

Probably the biggest hurdle most sellers face is getting photos into their computers. In most cases, this involves an investment, not only of money for equipment, but of time taking photos and preparing them properly. If you do it right, though, the investment will more than pay for itself in a very short time.

The first step involves taking the photos [Hack #70] , which, naturally, requires a camera. In this department you have several options:

Digital camera.

Easily the best choice for taking auction photos, a digital camera allows you to see your results immediately and get your photos online quickly.

Better digital cameras have better optics and take higher-resolution photos (more megapixels); the one you choose depends on your budget and your needs. But since the largest auction photos are typically no bigger than about 800 x 600 pixels, which translates to only about 0.5 megapixels, the camera’s maximum resolution is ultimately not that important. If you’re shopping for a camera specifically for shooting auction photos, look for one with a good macro (close-up) lens.

If a digital camera seems like an expensive investment, consider that the extra money you’ll get for your items by having good photos will more than pay for a digital camera—which, of course, you can also buy used on eBay!

Video-conferencing camera.

A cheap alternative to a real digital camera is a garden-variety video-conferencing camera, ...

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