Automate Auction Revisions

Simplify the task of revising several auctions at once with the ReviseItem API call.

Once an auction has started, you can normally change most aspects of the listing using the procedure outlined in “Make Changes to Running Auctions” [Hack #65] . But it’s also possible to submit a revision using the API.


Start with a simple script,, that will let you change any aspect of an active listing:

#!/usr/bin/perl require ''; my $item_id = shift @ARGV; my %ARGS = @ARGV; my @options = qw/AdditionalShippingCosts AmEx AutoPay BoldTitle BuyItNowPrice CashOn PickupAccepted Category Category2 CCAccepted CheckoutDetailsSpecified CheckoutInstructions COD Counter Description Discover Duration Escrow EscrowBySeller Featured Gallery GalleryFeatured GalleryURL GiftExpressShipping GiftWrap Highlight InsuranceOption InsuranceFee LayoutId Location MinimumBid MoneyXferAccepted MoneyXferAcceptedinCheckout MOCashiers PackageHandlingCosts PaymentOther PaymentOtherOnline PaymentSeeDescription PayPalAccepted PayPalEmailAddress PersonalCheck PhotoCount PhotoDisplayType PictureURL Private Quantity Region ReservePrice SalesTaxPercent SalesTaxState SellerPays ShipFromZipCode ShippingHandlingCosts ShippingInTax ShippingIrregular ShippingOption ShippingPackage ShippingService ShippingType ShipToAfrica ShipToAsia ShipToCaribbean ShipToEurope ShipToLatinAmerica ShipToMiddleEast ShipToNorthAmerica ShipToOceania ShipToSouthAmerica SuperFeatured ThemeId Title VisaMaster ...

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