Streamlining Checkout and Payment

Use an off-eBay checkout system to integrate payments with shipping and accounting.

In the old days, any seller who wanted to accept credit cards had to get a credit card merchant account. Now, payment services like PayPal, BidPay, and C2IT have made merchant accounts largely unnecessary for everyone but the largest sellers.

But if there’s any single truth when it comes to accepting payments on eBay, it’s this: the more types of payment you accept, the more bids you’ll get.


If you decide to use an off-eBay checkout system, you may wish to disable eBay’s own checkout, as described in [Hack #49]. Otherwise, your bidders may skip your preferred checkout in haste, and instead simply use the method with which they’re most accustomed.

But there are still reasons to get a merchant account. For instance, sellers who do a lot of business may be able to get a better discount rate as a credit card merchant than they could through PayPal, which essentially means that they’ll get to keep a larger percentage of the payments they receive. And anyone who sells merchandise outside of eBay will not want to limit their transactions only to PayPal.

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