Chapter 21. Shooting Quality Product Photos

Success in your eBay sales not only depends on the quality of your descriptions, it depends equally on having high-quality photos. Producing those high-quality photos doesn't always mean spending buckets of money on high-end equipment — though you'll have to spring for the photography products that do the job for a reasonable outlay of cash. The first and foremost item of importance is your camera. In this practice, I talk about the basics — your camera and studio — and show how you can get a reasonably priced but fully functional photography setup that supports your eBay business practices.

Choosing a Camera and Making It Work

Your digital camera is the heart of your eBay operation (okay, maybe your computer is the heart, but give me a little leeway here). Without quality photos, your listings end up blah and unattractive. You need alluring pictures to catch the eye of the buyer.

Your pictures tell the story of your item, and if the item looks off-color or out of focus, odds are it won't seem as appealing to your prospective customers. Retailers — those who know you're an eBay seller — will play on your goal of taking appealing photos. And if they think you're not savvy about digital cameras, they may steer you toward an omnifunctional, complex (and did I mention, pricey?) model. Reading this chapter sets you straight and helps you save time and money when you choose and use your digital camera. The decision's not that hard; don't let an ...

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