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eBay: The Missing Manual by Nancy Conner

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The Missing Credits

About the Author

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Nancy Conner edits tech books from her home in upstate New York. She’s also worked as a medievalist, an English teacher, and a corporate trainer. When she’s not writing or messing around with someone else’s prose, she likes to read mysteries, visit local wineries, and listen obsessively to opera. Nancy got hooked on eBay in 1998, when her daughter said, “Look, Mom—you can buy me a Beanie Baby on this cool Web site.” Email: .

About the Creative Team

Sarah Milstein (editor) is O’Reilly’s senior editor for Missing Manuals. Her favorite curtains are from eBay. Email: .

Emily Moore (editor) Emily Moore has authored or edited 13 books to date (including this fine tome). She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and daughter. Email: .

Michele Filshie (editor) is O’Reilly’s assistant editor for Missing Manuals and editor of four Personal Trainers (another O’Reilly series). Before turning to the world of computer-related books, Michele was all literature, all the time, and spent many happy years at Black Sparrow Press. She lives in Sebastopol and loves to get involved in local politics. Email: .

Drue Miller (tech reviewer) is a writer, designer, and avid collector of mid-century glassware, vintage clothing, and really bad clown art. Since 1998 Drue has bought and sold many items on eBay, both for herself and for others as an eBay Trading Assistant. Drue was also the Director of Research at AuctionDrop, the first nationwide eBay drop-off service. She is also the co-creator of WhoWouldBuyThat.com, a Weblog of weird eBay auctions. Drue lives in Silicon Valley with her husband. Email: .

Shauna Wright (tech reviewer) is an aspiring law student, a regular contributor to eBay’s Answer Center boards, and the co-creator of WhoWouldBuyThat.com. She lives on the beach near San Francisco with her four cats, none of whom appreciate the scenery as much as she does. Email: .

Andy Carciere (tech reviewer) served for 25 years as a school administrator. During those years, he championed the use of technology as a tool to enhance learning. Andy currently consults with districts and schools on the administrative and instructional use of technology to improve the teaching and learning process. He also is working on a project to use achievement data to monitor student progress and guide instruction. Email: .

Rose Cassano (cover illustration) has worked as an independent designer and illustrator for 20 years. Her assignments have ranged from the nonprofit sector to corporate clientele. She lives in beautiful Southern Oregon, grateful for the miracles of modern technology that make working there a reality. Email: . Web: www.rosecassano.com.


The book you’re holding is the result of many people’s hard work. Thanks to everyone at O’Reilly, especially Sarah Milstein for her patience and encouragement and for helping me to organize a jumble of ideas into the chapters of a book; Michele Filshie for organizing the technical reviews; and Emily Moore for many good suggestions. I’m particularly grateful to the book’s technical reviewers, Drue Miller, Shauna Wright, and Andy Carciere, for their comments, questions, and pointers—all of which helped to make this a better book.

I could never have written this book without the assistance of dozens of eBayers. Thanks for sharing your time, tips, and expertise so generously.

David Fugate started the whole thing with a single email—thanks, David, for suggesting I look into the Missing Manual series. Thanks to Michelle Brandwein and Rebecca Hanley for long-distance listening and back-patting. To my daughter, Tamsen, thanks for your loving support and letting me bounce ideas off you. And to my parents, Harold and Lois Brown, thanks for telling me to hurry up and finish so you could learn how to use eBay yourselves.

Finally, extra special thanks to Steven Holzner for all your support, advice, encouragement, and love. I couldn’t have done it—or much of anything—without you.

The Missing Manual Series

Missing Manuals are witty, superbly written guides to computer products that don’t come with printed manuals (which is just about all of them). Each book features a handcrafted index; cross-references to specific page numbers (not just “see Chapter 14”); and RepKover, a detached-spine binding that lets the book lie perfectly flat without the assistance of weights or cinder blocks.

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