54 eClient 101 Customization and Integration
Network Deployment provides scalability, performance, availability and
centralized management for IBM WebSphere Application Server Enterprise. A
Network Deployment environment consists of multiple WebSphere Application
Server V5.0 nodes grouped into a single administrative domain.
IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment provides three types of
workload management (WLM):
򐂰 Web server WLM: Use the Load Balancer feature from Edge Components as
an IP sprayer to distribute HTTP requests across Web servers.
򐂰 Web server plug-in WLM: Distribute servlet requests across Web containers.
򐂰 Enterprise Java Services (EJS) WLM: Distributes EJB requests across EJB
Along with the workload management feature, the Webpshere Application Server
Network Deployment also provides failover support. The application may
continue to process client requests when one of the servers is stopped or
3.2 Installing HTTP Web server
To demonstrate the concept clearly, we install the HTTP Web server on a
different machine other than where the WebSphere Application Server and
Network Deployment are installed. The HTTP Web server and its plug-in are
installed on machine cm01 for our scenario.
Complete the following steps to install HTTP Web server on the Windows
1. Log on as an administrator user to the machine where the HTTP server is
2. Insert the IBM WebSphere Application Server V5 CD into the CD-ROM drive.
This CD-ROM also contains the IBM HTTP Server and its plug-in.
3. Open a Windows Explorer, and switch to the \NT directory on the CD.
4. Double-click LaunchPad.bat to start the install.
5. Select a language for the LaunchPad and click OK.
6. Review the Readme file and installation guide.
7. Click Install the product.
8. Select a language to be used for the installation and click OK.
9. On the Welcome window, click Next to continue.

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