182 eClient 101 Customization and Integration
7.1 Development environment options
There are many options for development tools that can be used to customize
eClient. It is as simple as using a generic text editor or as complicated as using
some J2EE software development tools. The following sections provide several
options for a development environment. We include some of the reasons to
choose one over another. A more detailed description of how to install, configure,
and use some of the options is provided in the following sections of this chapter:
򐂰 Simple text editor and command-line tools
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer
򐂰 Eclipse Software Development Kit
Simple text editor and command-line tools
If you are making a small number of simple changes, there is no need to install
and configure a J2EE development system. You can simply modify the JSPs in
the WebSphere directories with Notepad or your favorite editor. WebSphere will
automatically recompile the JSP the next time the JSP is accessed. You can also
use the WebSphere Application Assembly Tool to package your custom eClient.
Many of the information mining examples in this redbook use this method. We
recommend using text editor and command-line tools to get a quick start in
IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer
IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5.0 is the latest J2EE
development platform from IBM. It is flexible and powerful. For serious software
development, we recommend using WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
The eClient customization examples for this redbook are developed using
WebSphere Studio Application Developer, which can be downloaded (try or buy)
Eclipse Software Development Kit
The Eclipse Software Development Kit (Eclipse SDK) Version 2.1 is an open
source software development platform. The Eclipse organization was created by
a consortium of software development tool providers comprised of IBM and other
leading tool providers. Because it is free, we recommend using this if you do not
want to invest in any serious development tools.
The Eclipse SDK Version 2.1 can be downloaded from:

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