7 Internationalisation of SMEs from Transition Economies

The Case of Moroccan SMEs

Caroline Minialai, Martine Boutary, Marie-Christine Monnoyer and Mohammed Nabil El Mabrouki

The rise in trade and internationalisation of markets is opening up new opportunities for companies. These opportunities are often observed in the north-south or west-east direction. Research on the internationalisation of SMEs has been the subject of much work over the past 20 years (Julien et al., 1996; Ageron and Huault, 2002; Johanson and Valhne, 2009; Laghzaoui, 2009; Gallego, 2011, etc.). However, this work has essentially focused on SMEs in developed countries. There is therefore a void in terms of SMEs from countries in transition, even though there are many of ...

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