Chapter 4

Nonlinear Mechanisms of Generating Power Laws in Socioeconomic Systems

Mircea Gligor

National College “Roman Vodă”, Roman, Neamţ, Romania

4.1 What are the Power Laws?

4.2 Are the Stock Market Returns Gaussian Distributed?

4.3 Something About the Richest People in the World

4.4 From the Smallest Towns to the Largest Cities

4.5 What Mark Have You Got Today?

4.6 Conclusion


4.1 What are the Power Laws?

Many of the things measured by the scientists have a typical size or “scale”—a typical value around which individual measurements are centered. The simplest examples are the heights of human beings, the speed of the cars (Newman, 2005), and the age of the pupils graduating the high school. In Figure 4.1 is plotted the distribution ...

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