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Edison in the Boardroom Revisited: How Leading Companies Realize Value from Their Intellectual Property, Second Edition

Book Description

A revised and expanded edition of the groundbreaking Edison in the Boardroom, highlighting the winning strategies today's biggest companies use to maximize the value of their intellectual property

Now fully revised and expanded, Edison in the Boardroom, Second Edition takes an in-depth look at the revolutionary concept of intellectual asset management (IAM). Incorporating stories and teachings from some of the most successful companies in the world—such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Rockwell, Dow, Ford and many others—Harrison and Sullivan have made an exhaustive study of IAM and its implications for today's businesses.

  • Features updated interviews of companies, and a new treatment of the Profit Center Level

  • Updates stories and teachings from some of the most successful companies in the world

  • Showcases a hierarchy of best practices that today's companies can integrate into their own business philosophies to gain the best return from their intellectual assets

Edison in the Boardroom, Second Edition compiles a wealth of knowledge and successful stories that illustrate how far businesses have come in their ability to leverage and monetize their intellectual assets.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Chapter 1: Introduction
    1. Why Update Edison in the Boardroom?
    2. A Brief History
    3. The Edison Mind-Set
    4. The Intellectual Property Management System
    5. Summary
  8. Chapter 2: The Changing Environment for IP Management
    1. The Rise of the NPE (Nonpracticing Entity)
    2. Technology Convergence
    3. The Arrival of the Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO)
    4. The Globalization of Business
    5. The Changing Legal Environment
    6. The Continuing Lack of a Formal IP Marketplace
    7. The Rise of the IP Investor
    8. Summary
  9. Chapter 3: Level One: Defend Position
    1. What Level One Companies Are Trying to Accomplish
    2. Functions, Tools, and Capabilities Quiz: Questions Only You Can Answer
    3. Best Practices for Level One: Defend Position
    4. Summary
  10. Chapter 4: Level Two: Manage Costs
    1. What Level Two Companies Are Trying to Accomplish
    2. Best Practices for Level Two: Manage Costs
    3. Summary
  11. Chapter 5: Level Three: Capture Value
    1. What Level Three Companies Are Trying to Accomplish
    2. Best Practices for Level Three: Capture Value
    3. Summary
  12. Chapter 6: Level Four: Synthesize Opportunities
    1. What Level Four Companies Are Trying to Accomplish
    2. Best Practices for Level Four: Synthesize Opportunities
    3. Summary
  13. Chapter 7: Level Five: Shape the Future
    1. What Level Five Companies Are Trying to Accomplish
    2. The Characteristics of the Future
    3. The Characteristics of Sustainable Corporations
    4. Best Practices for Level Five: Shape the Future
    5. Summary
  14. Chapter 8: What to Do When You’re Not on the Pyramid
    1. Is My Company on the Pyramid?
    2. Is My Company a Candidate for the Edison Pyramid?
    3. Characterizing IP-Indifferent Companies
    4. How Companies Can Destroy Value
    5. Moving toward the Edison Hierarchy
    6. Summary
  15. Chapter 9: The Procter & Gamble Journey
    1. Beyond Make and Sell
    2. Out-Licensing Technology
    3. Additional Growth via Effective Policy Changes
    4. Reinventing and Integrating Trademarks and Brands
    5. Looking Externally
    6. IP as an Enabler to Innovation
    7. Looking Forward
  16. Appendix A: Significant Developments in Intellectual Property Law in the Past 10 Years
  17. Appendix B: The Rise of Patent Aggregators
  18. Appendix C: A Closer Look at IP Damages
  19. About the Authors
  20. Index