Chapter 6:24 fps versus Matchback

Before integrating a project with an NLE, a working frame rate must be determined. In the NTSC world, there are two: 24 fps and 30 fps. For PAL video, you’ll need to determine whether you’re going to work with Telecine A without pulldown, where the film is shot at 24 or 25 fps and is telecined at 25 fps; or with Telecine B, where the film is shot at 24 fps and is telecined at 24 fps with two fields of pulldown to equal 25 frames per second. If you choose to work at 30 fps or use Telecine B, you’re going to need software that can compute the matchback of your edits to the native film frame rate.

In this chapter, we’ll look at the differences between native 24 and 30 fps matchback projects as well as those PAL ...

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