Chapter 5. Devops Misconceptions and Anti-Patterns

When talking about concepts such as devops, it can also be helpful to discuss what the concept is not. This process will help clear up some common misconceptions or misconstrued ideas about devops. In this chapter, we will provide additional context around devops as well as define some common anti-patterns.

Common Devops Misconceptions

Throughout the industry, there are common misconceptions about devops. Within your organization, your teams may struggle to clarify and articulate beliefs and values. In this section, we’ll examine some of the issues people run into when trying to establish this common language in their organization.

Devops Only Involves Developers and System Administrators

While the name is a portmanteau of development (or developers) and operations, this is more of a signal of the origin of the movement than a strict definition of it. While the devopsdays conference tagline is “the conference that brings development and operations together,” the concepts and ideas of devops include all roles within an organization. There is no one definitive list of which teams or individuals should be involved or how, just as there is no one-size-fits-all way to “do devops.”

Ideas that help development and operations teams communicate better and work more efficiently together can be applied throughout a company. Any team within the organization should be considered—including security, QA, support, and legal—in ...

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