Effective Implementation In Practice: Integrating Public Policy and Management

Book description

A unique approach to policy implementation with essential guidance and useful tools

Cultivating Effective Implementation: The Practice of Integrating Policy and Management presents an instrumental approach to implementation analysis. By spanningpolicy fields, organizations, and frontline conditions in implementation systems, this book provides a robust foundation for policy makers, public and nonprofit managers and leaders. Detailed case studies enable readers to identify key intervention points, become more strategic, and improve outcomes. The engaging style and specific examples provide a bridge to practice, while diagrams, worksheets, and other tools included in the appendix help managers apply these ideas to team meetings, operational planning, and program assessment and refinement.

Policy and program implementation is fraught with challenges as public and nonprofit leaders juggle organizational missions and stakeholder expectations while managing policy and program impact and effectiveness. Using their own experience in practice, teaching, and research, the authors empower policy and program implementers to recognize their essential roles within the workplace and help them cultivate the analytical and social skills necessary to change.

  • Understand how program or policy technology constitutes the core of implementation

  • Study a conceptual framework encompassing power dynamics, culture, relationships in the field and the rules that are operating during program and policy implementation

  • Discover a multilevel approach that identifies key points of strategic action at various levels and settings of the implementation system and assesses implementation success

  • The integration of policy and management mindsets gives readers an insightful yet accessible understanding of implementation, allowing them to achieve the potent results desired by the public. For those in senior positions at federal agencies to local staff at nonprofit organizations, Cultivating Effective Implementation: The Practice of Integrating Policy and Management provides an invaluable one-stop resource.

    Table of contents

    1. Essential Texts for Public and Nonprofit Leadership and Management
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Tables, Figures, and Boxes
      1. Tables
      2. Figures
      3. Boxes
    5. The Authors
    6. Dedication
    7. Preface
      1. Our Perspective
      2. Acknowledgments
      3. Notes
    8. Part One: The Implementation Landscape
      1. Notes
    9. Chapter One: Framing Implementation
      1. Exploring Policy and Program Implementation
      2. Defining Implementation Effectiveness
      3. Unpacking Implementation Systems
      4. Bringing the Analysis to Life
      5. Notes
    10. Chapter Two: Conventional Perspectives on Policy and Program Implementation
      1. Political Processes and Authority
      2. Governance and Management
      3. Policy and Program Evaluation
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    11. Chapter Three: A New Perspective for Implementation: Strategic Action Fields
      1. Introducing Strategic Action Fields
      2. Core Programs
      3. Unpacking Social Structures and Dynamics
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    12. Part Two: The Implementation System at Multiple Levels
      1. Notes
    13. Chapter Four: Policy Fields
      1. Policy Fields in Focus
      2. Analyzing the Development of the Core Program
      3. Applying Policy Field Analysis
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    14. Chapter Five: Organizations
      1. Organizations in Focus
      2. Analyzing the Integration of the Core Program
      3. Applying Organizational Analysis
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    15. Chapter Six: Front Lines
      1. Front Lines in Focus
      2. Analyzing the Application of the Core Program
      3. Applying Frontline Analysis
      4. Conclusion
      5. Notes
    16. Part Three: The Practice of Effective Implementation
      1. Notes
    17. Chapter Seven: Exploring Implementation in Practice
      1. Implementation Dynamics: The Hardest Hit Fund
      2. Implementation Dynamics: The Quality Rating and Improvement System
      3. Opportunities for Change
      4. Notes
    18. Chapter Eight: Leading Learning in Implementation Systems
      1. Investigating Technical Challenges
      2. Engaging Others in Adaptive Challenges
      3. Bringing It All Together
      4. Notes
    19. Appendix A: Policy Field Audit
      1. Notes
    20. Appendix B: Policy Field Visual Diagram
    21. Appendix C: Program Process Flow
    22. Appendix D: Organization Program Integration Audit
    23. Appendix E: Frontline Interactions Audit
    24. Appendix F: Target Experiences Analysis
      1. Notes
    25. Appendix G: Implementation Dynamics and Outcomes Analysis
    26. Appendix H: Implementation Improvement Blueprint
    27. Bibliography
      1. Preface
      2. Part One Introduction
      3. Chapter One
      4. Chapter Two
      5. Chapter Three
      6. Chapter Four
      7. Chapter Five
      8. Chapter Six
      9. Chapter Seven
      10. Chapter Eight
    28. Index
    29. End User License Agreement

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    • Title: Effective Implementation In Practice: Integrating Public Policy and Management
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: January 2015
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781118775486