See also Appendix B, “DATA_CRYPTO Package” for a comprehensive set of procedures and functions; and Appendix C, “DBMS_CRYPTO Performance Test Results” for more information about this package.


-> in data source files, significance of, 127


“1=0” string, using with RLS layer of security, 306–308

1 mapping model

explanation of, 65

using with Enterprise Users, 117

using with label functions, 391–392

using with web applications, 75



auditing by, 225

granting for users without specific authorizations, 398

access and logon, securing, 22–23

access controls

enforcing, 154

overview of, 154

types of, 339–340

access lists

controlling with SET_LEVELS procedure, 380

defining for label components, 379

accounts. See also database ...

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