Effective Performance Engineering

Book description

In order to deliver meaningful results, you need to build Effective Performance Engineering into every aspect of the enterprise, from IT and business management to internal and external customers and all other stakeholders. In this report, you will learn why success depends on adopting a cross-discipline, intra-business mindset that enables you to build a performance-focused culture throughout your organization.

How do you thrill customers by consistently outperforming their expectations? Or optimize applications before the first piece of code is written? Authors Todd DeCapua and Shane Evans outline a path to Effective Performance Engineering that spans requirements, design, development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and support. You'll discover why delivering great performance depends on business, technology, and stakeholders working closely together.

This report will help you:

  • Understand what Effective Performance Engineering is across your enterprise
  • Define a performance culture throughout your organization
  • Explore ways to add Performance Engineering throughout your lifecycle
  • Increase revenue, competitive advantage, customer acquisition and retention, and brand value
  • Identify your stakeholders and focus on their best interests
  • Build a cross-functional team of technologists, business people, and customers
  • Determine which performance metrics you need to accelerate
  • Learn about analysts, preferred partners, and software tool vendors that can help you adopt Effective Performance Engineering
  • Get a clear path for moving from performance testing to Effective Performance Engineering

Table of contents

  1. 1. Getting Started
    1. What Is Effective Performance Engineering?
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
      3. Culture
      4. Business
    2. Why Is Effective Performance Engineering Necessary?
      1. Revenue
      2. Competitive Advantage
        1. Customers: Acquisition and Retention
      3. Brand Value
    3. Focusing on Business Need
  2. 2. Overview of Performance Engineering
    1. Performance Engineering Throughout the Lifecycle
      1. Requirements
      2. Complete Stories
      3. Breakdown of Epic to Tasks with Acceptance Criteria
      4. Doneness Criteria
      5. Functional
      6. Security
      7. Performance
      8. Usability
      9. Design
      10. Development
      11. Test
      12. Deployment
      13. Monitoring
      14. Support
    2. Stakeholders
      1. Development
      2. Testing and Quality Assurance
      3. Operations
      4. Business
      5. End Users
    3. Building in Performance
      1. The List: 102 Questions to Ask
      2. Infrastructure
      3. Application
      4. Security
  3. 3. Proven Practices of Performance Engineering
    1. Requirements, Architecture, and Design
      1. Introduction
      2. Scenario
      3. Recommendation
      4. Summary
      5. How-To
      6. Key Implementation Considerations
    2. Proven Practices for DevTest
      1. Introduction
      2. Scenario
      3. Recommendation
      4. Summary
      5. How-To
      6. Key Implementation Considerations
    3. Proven Practices for Operations
      1. Introduction
      2. Scenario
      3. Recommendation
      4. Summary
      5. How-To
      6. Key Implementation Considerations
  4. 4. Tying It All Together
    1. Metrics for Success
      1. Activities Versus Results
      2. Top Five Software Quality Metrics
      3. What Really Matters
      4. Other Performance Engineering Metrics
    2. Automation
      1. Performance Testing Isn’t Enough
      2. Four Key Areas of Focus
      3. Big Data for Performance
      4. Performance as a Team Sport
    3. Market Solutions
      1. Performance Engineering Survey Results
      2. How to Choose a Solution
    4. Conclusion
      1. The Path to Performance Engineering

Product information

  • Title: Effective Performance Engineering
  • Author(s): Todd DeCapua, Shane Evans
  • Release date: July 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491950869