Chapter 18. Epilogue: Putting It All Together Finally

It is my sincere wish that I have helped you start on the journey to becoming the chef I talked about earlier. For me, being a great project manager is a passion, and I have made it my life's journey, too. The fact that project management is organized common sense means that that journey can be successful and fulfilling for me and for my clients. It can be that way for you, too. I've spent over 40 years on my journey, and I'm still learning how to be a greater project manager.

I've shared my journey with you in the chapters and pages of this book. I've captured my life experiences as a maturing project manager, consultant, trainer and author. I give them to you as your survival kit. Learn to use them well, and they will serve you well.

Do you remember those six questions that every project management process must answer? Here they are again:

  1. What business situation is being addressed?

  2. What do you need to do?

  3. What will you do?

  4. How will you do it?

  5. How will you know you did it?

  6. How well did you do?

These apply equally well to managing your life's journey to becoming a great project manager, and I can illustrate just how to do that.

My latest crusade is chronicled in the last major section of this Epilogue. I have a message for those of you who hold the future of project management and business analysis in your hands, and I'm using this opportunity to make my case to you.

What Business Situation Is Being Addressed?

You are a business, and your ...

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