Section B Coordination Procedure

Give us the information and we will start the job.

Paraphrase of Sir Winston Churchill radio broadcast February 9, 1941. “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.”

This is one of the first project documents to be produced, if not the first for the project manager. It kick‐starts the project and acts as a brief to initiate activities and the production of documents identified below. Its purpose is to regulate and standardize interactions within the project team and with the client.

Key coordination information needs to be issued as promptly as possible. Consequently, the subject matter covered by project management procedures may only be covered superficially in the coordination document. The important details will be in the procedures themselves.

1 Basic Organizing Information


Project name and number – contractor's and/or client's


Project logo and motivational phrase to be used on all project‐specific documents


Statement of project objective


Home office addresses and telephone numbers


Project office addresses, that is: where the work is to be done – if it is different from the home office, together with e‐mails for formal use


Contact telephone numbers, fax number


Site address, telephone number, fax number, and e‐mail


Any contractor or client associate companies and their addresses and contact information.


Third‐party contact details, for example, local authority ...

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