APPENDIX BCase Study: Workforce and Business Development Center

Robert K. Wysocki, PhD



The integration of workforce development programs and business development programs into a single project‐based and team‐driven program is a disruptive innovation that will lead to and support a sustainable economic recovery for individuals and small business formation.


American workers, entrepreneurs, small business persons, and the higher education delivery system that should be supporting them are all in trouble. The US continues to slip in ranking among the industrialized nations of the world. We could not be more in need of an overhaul than we are right now. It's time for a disruptive innovation that

  • Restores the American worker to the global economic family
  • Puts business formation and development back on a firm foundation
  • Aligns the education/training community to proactively support them

To create this environment is no small task. It can't be done by incremental changes to the current education/training models. Our learning world as we know it is obsolete and no one is really sure what will replace it. Whatever does replace it must be a disruptive innovation.

The Need

The American worker has been cut off and is adrift in the mainstream economy. They are unemployed, underemployed, trying to enter the workforce without the needed technical skills, lost hope, have withdrawn from active searching, dreaming of starting their own business, ...

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