Creative Team Problem Solving

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible. (Albert Einstein)

Key Learning Points
  • The difference between team creativity and innovation
  • The four climate factors that influence innovation in teams
  • The stages of creative problem solving
  • Techniques for developing creative ideas in teams

It has become a cliché to speak of rapid change in society. Organizations change with bewildering frequency, as they are privatized, acquired, rationalized, restructured, reorganized or liquidated. One major cause of this rapid change is the external socio-economic environment within which organizations find themselves. Competition has become a global rather than a national phenomenon. Organizations have become international rather than national. Information technology has made our worlds infinitely richer in opportunities and demands. Moreover, the demands of consumers are shifting constantly, as people require new and different commodities and services to meet their needs; populations age and we face the global challenge of protecting our planet from the damage we are doing to it. Global financial crises have created huge challenges for organizations, nations and economic blocs such as the European Union.

If we lived in a climate where the weather changed constantly from hour to hour, sometimes hot, sometimes wet, sometimes cold, sometimes snowing, we would have to prepare for every eventuality and adapt quickly. We would have ...

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