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Effective UX Design with Patterns: Build and Leverage a Pattern Library for Rapid Iteration and Prototyping

Video Description

As UX becomes increasingly Agile, a need arises to quickly create and iterate new interface elements. Many popular frameworks exist to document front-end design patterns. Most of them connect directly to the website's CSS, and help developers easily create new interface elements and templates. But what happens when the design and UX team aren't working in the site's CSS? How can we create truly cross-functional design documentation that works both for developers and designers?In this webcast, Harvard Business Review's Senior UX Designer, Dani Nordin, will describe the process we have been working on to document existing design patterns and create a working set of elements that allow both for rapid iteration of design prototypes and implementation of templates in code.Target audience:UX designers in cross-functional teams who need to create and iterate on interfaces in rapid, Agile environments.Product owners and project managers who need ways to speed up the development of new features without sacrificing great designFront-end developers who want to help designers "design in the browser" without learning a bunch of specialized code.Key takeaways:The benefits of working in repeatable design patternsThe basic structure of pattern libraries: what goes in it and whyMoving beyond colors and fonts; extending the approach