• 1.1 An Assignment in an Excel Lesson That Imposes Moderate Intrinsic Cognitive Load 9

  • 1.2 A Screen from a Lesson on Excel with Many Sources of Extraneous Cognitive Load 12

  • 1.3 A Graph of Temperature Changes over Time 17

  • 1.4 Audio Explanations Result in Better Achievement Than Textual Explanations on Complex Questions 18

  • 1.5 Hypothetical Efficiency Plots on the Efficiency Graph 23

  • 2.1 Number of Referrals Needed to Reproduce a Mid-Play Chess Board 30

  • 2.2 Number of Referrals Needed to Reproduce a Random Chess Board 31

  • 2.3 An Overview of Cognitive Learning Processes 33

  • 2.4 An Instructional Display That Imposes Extraneous Load 35

  • 2.5 An Instructional Display That Minimizes Extraneous Load 35

  • 2.6 A Virtual Classroom Excel Lesson ...

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