2Multirate Retry Threshold Loss Models

We consider multirate loss models of random arriving calls with elastic bandwidth requirements and fixed bandwidth allocation during service. Calls may retry several times upon arrival (requiring less bandwidth each time) in order to be accepted for service. Alternatively, calls may request less bandwidth upon arrival, according to the occupied link bandwidth indicated by threshold(s).

2.1 The Single‐Retry Model

2.1.1 The Service System

In the single‐retry model (SRM), a link of capacity images b.u. accommodates Poisson arriving calls of images service‐classes, under the CS policy. A new call of service‐class images has a peak‐bandwidth requirement of images b.u. and an exponentially distributed service time with mean images. If the initially required b.u. are not available in the link, the call is blocked, but immediately retries to be connected with bandwidth requirement b.u., while the mean of the new (exponentially distributed) service time increases to , so that the ...

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