9Finite ON–OFF Multirate Loss Models

In this chapter we consider ON–OFF multirate loss models of quasi‐random arriving calls with fixed bandwidth requirements. In‐service calls do not constantly keep their assigned bandwidth but alternate between transmission periods (ON) and idle periods (OFF). As we discussed in Chapter , ON–OFF loss models can be used for the analysis of the call‐level behavior of bursty traffic. The finite ON–OFF multirate loss models are based on the EnMLM (see Chapter ); their recurrent form facilitates their computer implementation.

9.1 The Finite ON–OFF Multirate Loss Model

9.1.1 The Service System

In the finite ON–OFF multirate loss model (f‐ON–OFF), we consider a link of capacity images b.u. that accommodates images service‐classes of ON–OFF‐type calls. Calls of a service‐class images come from a finite source population images. The mean arrival rate of service‐class images idle sources is , where is the number of in‐service sources of service‐class in state state ON, state OFF) ...

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